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I am a medical scientist; I am a Pakistani national. I am currently living in United Kingdom. I have left Islam. I am an ex Muslim, hardcore atheist, and an anti-theist. I have always been a borderline and questioning believer who had little affinity for Islam. In United Kingdom, I had the opportunity to study, in some detail, about theology, specifically Islam. What followed was a long and very painful personal journey that culminated in me realizing the truth about Islam and coming to some very basic conclusions as to what I really believed in. I also joined an atheist society in UK, which further strengthened my conviction in atheism…. Presently, militant Islam is on the verge of overtaking many parts of my home country, Pakistan. Many parts of it have already been completely radicalized and sharia has been implemented in areas like Swat and some parts of NWFP. Sharia is the "divine" law sent down by Allah. The following list partially encompasses some of the laws that would be implemented under Sharia:
1. Abrogation and prohibition of modern form of judiciary and democracy. Dismantling of parliamentary system.
2. Stoning, till death, for adultery.
3. The second class status for non believers, " Dhimmitude".
4. Amputation of hand and feet, from opposite sides, for thievery.
5. Complete prohibition of music, modern form of cinema.
6. The award of death punishment for leaving Islam and committing blasphemy.

This is sharia. The "punishment" of apostasy and blasphemy, in almost all Islamic countries, including Pakistan is most likely either a very long imprisonment or execution. In my home country it’s impossible to profess or declare apostasy or to even state anything remotely critical of Islamic theology. Such an act could certainly lead to severe reprisal, most probably a most painful death. And such incidents have happened routinely in the recent past. In Pakistan, blasphemy is punishable by death and this is a part of the framework of law (Pakistan Penal Code 295). Most importantly, these forms of “punishments" are sanctified by Muhammad and hadiths. Thus, these "punishments” are completely "justified." Why does Islam so vociferously wants to shield itself against rationality or justified criticism? Why? Why is it that Muslims readily get prepared to kill and be killed in the name of "Allah" and his "prophet?" It is beyond my comprehension, that why would a religion claiming to be divine, prompt its adherents to kill on such trivialities as Danish cartoons. From a personal perspective, it would be impossible for me to live in my home country without the fear of severe persecution, possibly ending in my death. These are real dangers being faced by ex Muslims living in Islamic countries.
What are your thought about this..