Sunday, July 6, 2008

One Mind, One Blog!

This blog is moving! It’s not going anywhere far, it’s just going to where it truly belongs. I have another English blog named “Egyptian Mind”. I blog about different things there, things I am interested in, whether it be health, environment, personal experiences, anything that is in, and part of my mind. Then I created this second blog to write only about Islam, and why I have chosen to be Muslim. Having these two blogs did me a disservice more than helping me write more. In many cases, I would have an idea, then I’d be confused where to post it. It’s something related to life, but it reminds me of one verse in the Quran, or one saying of the prophet Muhammad, so I’d be confused where to post it. This confusion would just create a writing blockage. So I’ve been thinking for some time whether I should keep two separate blogs and just try to write more often, or have one blog for everything. Because after all, Islam is part of who I am. It is part of my “Egyptian Mind”, so I thought it might be better to end this separation, and to speak up my mind in one place. This should limit the confusion and the distraction, even though it's a hard decision!

Then again that reminds me of a piece of wisdom of Muhammad, the prophet of Islam. In one saying, he says that less but sufficient does more good than more but distracting. This proves true time and again!

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