Wednesday, April 23, 2008

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Deciding that Islam was the only religion that was right for me was nothing like an end. It was just a conclusion. A conclusion is not meant to close, what it does is rather build a solid foundation. Without a solid foundation nothing can be built. And to build is the only way to make things last. It's the way to eternity!

The end is dead, the end is death. We describe a closed road that leads to nothing as being "dead-end". If accepting Islam was supposed to be an end, I wouldn't have accepted it. I accepted it because it spoke pro-life, pro-freedom, pro-beauty, and pro-common sense.

It was just a start. It pointed me to a reliable source. A source that I can trust and ask for guidance in the journey of life. It didn't end questions. Questions are part of the journey. I wouldn't take Islam for a religion if it suppressed
questions and questioning.

I am still on the road. No destination has been reached yet. I have the message of Islam as a map, a guide book that I keep handy. Without it the journey could be depressing and scary, and indeed very mysterious!


Heather said...

Hello, I am a born again Believer (a Believer of THE one true God) :) I read your posts with great interest and also great burden. God is so good and has been faithfully answering my prayers according to His will...all praise to Him. Having said that, I am praying for who is dear to Him! In His care~ Heather

Mohamed Shedou محمد شدو said...


I am truly glad to see you here. I am also a believer in the one true God :) you know, He is only one, so we believers all worship Him.

i am curious, why the burden when reading my posts?

thanks for your prayer also. May God guide all those who want Him to His path!

gran'pa said...


Are Jehovah and allah the same?

Mohamed Shedou محمد شدو said...


Allah is the name of God. In Islam, God/Allah has different names. I believe that Jehovah could just be one of God's name too, however it's not really Jehovah, since the J is usually added to the English translations.

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